About Us



Established in 2005.

The owner was raised in a household where his stepfather was a union Electrician so he was around the trades growing up, a lot. With his Irish lineage, he learned the value and responsibility of hard work and a heritage to be proud of. (Hence, the reason for the beautiful Celtic knot image above, the shamrock designed into the FIWF logo, and the hints of his “Irish” sprinkled throughout this website and all that he does).

After purchasing his first home in 1980 he became the D.I.Y.’er of the family. Doing the repairs on his own home, his Mom’s rentals, both his sisters homes, his in-laws rentals, and helping build a cabin in Munds Park, AZ and a 3,000 square foot custom home in Gilbert, AZ it seems as though he’s been swinging a hammer, floating a drywall knife, or upgrading electrical fixtures most of his life.

After leaving his computer career as an RF/Wireless Technician/Installer in 2005 it was time to branch out on his own so starting the handyman business came naturally.

Today we have a very long list of repair, installation & upgrade jobs completed across the Phoenix Metro area, and now in the Rim Country of Payson, AZ area as well.

The Owner

Terry headshot
The ol’ “Fix-it with Flannery” guy!

Born in Cleveland and raised in Mentor, Ohio until I was 16. Then my parents decided we needed to be in Phoenix, Arizona.

Finished High School, joined the U.S.Navy (served in Holy Loch, Scotland), got married and had 5 awesome children, (and now 18 grandkids).

Went to Rio Salado College in 2013 to study Web Design, E-Commerce, and SEO.

Now live in the mountains of Arizona and loving it!

On-the-side, I build websites and do SEO consulting, and I do Voice Over work for TV, radio, internet, and documentaries. (Voice samples to be provided at a later date).

In my spare time I enjoy hunting and shooting sports,  horseback riding with the love of my life, time with the grandkids and woodworking. And I truly enjoy repairing, installing, and upgrading customers homes!!

Please give me a call when you need Handyman Services, or contact my honey, Janice, for Home & Cabin Watching services!!

And if you have a moment, I’m mighty proud of what some of my customers have said about our work. You can find some Testimonials here.

Thanks for stopping by,


U.S. Veteran Owned & Operated business serving The Rim Country!

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